About Me

Hello, I’m Nicola

I am an experienced psychotherapist educated to MSc. level, Somatic Movement Teacher and Neurofeedback trainer. I worked in the NHS for a decade as a psychotherapist and have been in private practice since 2011. Being in private practice enables me to offer innovative approaches for the body, mind and the brain, including tools and technologies such as NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, Altitude or Intermittent Hypoxic Training and Somatic Movement, all of which are brain and nervous system approaches that help with bodily regulation.

My career has taught me, and science confirms, that the cumulative effects of stress and adverse experiences change the way the body and brain regulate the stress response and process information. In my time as a psychotherapist I have seen that many people present with not only issues of mind and emotions but also with body based reactions that are not resolvable by talking about them. Symptoms such as Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, muscular and postural issues, anxiety, nervous system dysregulation, dissociation, shallow breathing, fatigue, and sleep issues need body and brain based interventions to help the nervous system recalibrate its activity.  

While talking therapy can be very helpful in changing perspective, gaining insight into one’s thinking and behaviour patterns as well as coming to terms with the past, it can’t fundamentally change the regulation of the brain and nervous system. It is this knowledge that encouraged me to move away from talking therapy into body and brain based approaches which are also powerful alternatives to changing the the way a person thinks and feels.

My approach to wellbeing aims to help body, mind and brain return to balance as an integrated whole. When the body and brain perform at their best, managing stress and getting on with life becomes instantly easier.

I know it can feel daunting reaching out to start a new process, especially if it looks a bit different to what others are offering, so I offer a free 15 minute initial phone chat so that you can get a feel for me and my approach.