Altitude Training/ IHHT


 Once reserved  only for astronauts and elite athletes, altitude training, or, it’s scientific name intermittent hypoxic/hyperoxic training (IHHT), can help across many areas of health, performance and renewal.

Just a few of the benefits are: Improved physical endurance, mitochondrial renewal,  parasympathetic balance, boosts mood and mental performance, increased energy, better stress recovery, improved immune function, stress resilience, deeper sleep.

What is IHHT?

IHHT is a safe, non invasive approach to oxygen therapy that helps your body and cells adapt to high altitude conditions for improved oxygenation, physical performance and renewal.  IHHT triggers a process of adaptation within your body, bringing about positive improvements within almost all the bodily systems as well as a regeneration of your mitochondria. The respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, muscular and nervous system all benefit. It boosts many aspects of health and wellbeing, just as spending time in the mountains does.


Why use IHHT?

Mental Health

Nervous System

Brain Health








Respiratory Health

Deeper Breathing



Health Maintenance

Mitochondrial Renewal

The positive effect for health and performance of intermittent hypoxia has been the subject of thousands of scientific studies and proven to assist with weight loss, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, alleviate stress, improve skin rejuvenation, help general wellbeing and mood as well as cognitive performance. A longer list of benefits is below.

How does it work?

IHHT works by affecting the way our body produces and uses energy. The human body consists of trillions of cells which all contain mitochondria. These mitochondria produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the chemical basis for all reactions and metabolic processes and our source of physical energy. IHHT triggers a process of cell renewal, increasing the production of new, healthy mitochondria, which produce ATP more effectively. Depleted mitochondria are also the cause of over 90% of chronic illness as well as any condition where energy levels are problematic. Read more about mitochondria and how they are indicated in mental health treatment and stress adaptability here.

The process lasts approximately 40 minutes while you relax in a reclined position. It works by delivering intermittent cycles of low oxygen air (hypoxia, 9-16% O2) and high oxygen air (hyperoxia, 35% O2) or normal oxygen levels (normoxia 21% O2), for between 3-5 minutes each, delivered through a mask. Improvements often turn up after only 3 sessions and 10 sessions is a good base level of training. The training is biofeedback led so that the rate of training is dictated by the response of your body. This ensures the training process is always safe, effective and comfortable. For you, the experience will be relaxing, while your body trains to improve its efficiency.

Why I introduced IHHT into my practice

There is a current paradigm shift happening in mental health and it is focussing on the metabolic processes that underpin many mental health diagnoses and at the heart of all these are damaged or dysfunctional mitochondria. These mitochondria are involved in most bodily processes from regulation of epigenetics (which genes get turned on or off), the production, regulation and release of key neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine), primary regulators of hormones (cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone, progesterone), turning inflammation on and off and they have a direct role in regulating stress response (be that from physical, emotional or psychological stressors). See more here about the role of mitochondria in mental health from Dr. Chris Palmer a pioneer psychiatrist in this area

IHHT is a powerful intervention that renews mitochondria and improves the performance of many bodily systems. Not only does it help the body at a cellular level, it also retrains dysfunctional breathing patterns, brings about parasypathetic balance and helps reoxygenate the body, all of which are powerfully placed to help within mental health. 

Most importantly though, for my clients, IHHT is a deeply relaxing and pleasant process that requires no strain or effort yet brings huge benefits.  



Breathing efficiency


Increased metabolism


Reduced fatigue


Energy production


Stress resilience


Balances Autonomic Nervous System


Antioxidant effect


Cognitive performance


Aids weightloss


Strengthens immune system


Recovery from burnout


Recovery from overtraining


Reduced recovery time


Increases red blood cells


Increases endogenous Q10


Skin rejuvenation


Increases oxygen transportation


Increased fat burning


Improves Sleep


Creates new blood vessels


Balances hormone production