Recover, Revive, Thrive.

A return to form after Chronic Stress and Adversity

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Psychotherapist offering a full body focus.

Move, breathe, think, feel better.

If you suspect that your current physical or emotional struggles result from the cumulative effects of chronic stress or adversity, then I can help you.

My career in psychology and psychotherapy has seen many people coping with the ongoing effects of how their body and nervous system have adapted to repeated stress or adverse experiences over time. The way we adapt to stress and overwhelm changes the way we breathe, move, think and feel. It also changes the way your brain and nervous system manage these processes.

The solutions I provide focus on helping you regain control of  your body’s automatic reaction patterns, so that you can relearn to move, breathe and respond to life in easier ways.

The people I work with struggle with symptoms like sleep issues, fight/ flight / freeze reactions, depression, anxiety, disconnection from their body, chronic fatigue, chronic muscular tension or pain,  movement issues, burnout, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, shallow breathing and many more. These symptoms also affect how a person feels, thinks and copes.  All of these issues tend to hint at the fact that the body/ brain system has become stuck and is no longer adapting and recovering under stress as it should. 

I am very happy to offer the combination of somatic approaches and technologies that have helped countless people in their journey towards mental and physical health and an easier life for the long term.

With the right approaches, the body and mind can self repair to surprising degrees.

What I offer

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an advanced, non-invasive neurotechnology, which trains your brain to function at its best. Optimal brain performance is integral to your stress resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental performance. NeurOptimal prompts your brain to autocorrect its inefficient activity, paving the way for you to be and feel at your best.

Choose from individual sessions from the office in Hove or rental systems for use at home.

Helps with: stress / anxiety resilience and recovery, inner calm, mental clarity, focus & concentration, energy levels, outlook, emotional steadiness, decision making and sleep quality amongst many others. 


Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement is a brain and nervous system based approach using gentle, and cleverly designed, movement exercises to help release chronic muscular tension patterns.  It helps you regain conscious control and oversight of all aspects of your movement and muscles, so that you can reclaim your right to move freely and feel comfortable inside your body again.

Somatics engages your brain’s motor cortex, so that it can release the old muscle memory ‘programmes’ that cause unnecessary tension and pain and replace them with new ones that  help you move more comfortably and effectively. It keeps your movement and muscles efficient.  It is also a very helpful method for releasing any tension resulting from stress or fight/flight states and works very effectively in as little as 20 minutes per day.

Altitude Training/ IHHT

Ever wondered why it feels so good to spend time in the mountains? It’s because the ‘thinner’, mountain air improves and renews how your body functions. Altitude Training, also know by its scientific name, Intermittent Hypoxic/Hyperoxic Training (IHHT), is a safe, non-invasive approach to oxygen therapy which has received many years of rigorous scientific research.  It helps your body and cells adapt to simulated high altitude conditions, so that your brain and body boost their performance and oxygenation. Every aspect of our health and functioning requires oxygen and energy. The result for you is greater mental and physical health and renewal at the cellular level. 

Benefits: mitochondrial renewal, increased ATP production (energy) , improved respiratory and cardiovascular performance (increases fitness and stress resilience), improves HRV (heart rate variability), increases blood flow and oxygenation of the body and brain, increased neuroplasticity, improved parasympathetic functioning, improves sleep, better immune function, greater concentration, hormonal balance and anti ageing, amongst many others.

Breathwork and functional breathing are one of the most accessible methods we have at our disposal to influence the body-mind system. How we breathe affects our health and wellbeing. It is a powerful tool for stress and anxiety management, influences our ability to sleep well, have energy while improving focus and performance. The Vagus Nerve, the seat of our Parasympathetic Nervous System, runs throughout the airways and lungs and and is directly influenced by how we breathe.

There is a very clear relationship between breathing, mood, movement and biological efficiency. Breathing is something we all have at our disposal to help us find balance and resilience. Once learnt, it will support you 24/7.

What I work with


Peak Performance


Breathing efficiency


Nervous system balance


Focus and Concentration


Unconscious processing


TBI/ concussion recovery