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NeurOptimal calms your mind and emotions.

We can’t get rid of all stress but we can  learn to cope with  optimal resilience and balance.  NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trains your brain how navigate stressors in a balanced and optimised way, letting go of any patterns that have become unhelpfully reactive over time. This leaves you calm and steady so that you can make effective decisions as the need arises. NeurOptimal is great for supporting you as you face into challenges as well as effectively helping you recover from stress and adversity.  It is also very helpful for peak performance and neurodivergent conditions such as Autism and ADHD.

Why Train your Brain?


How we feel, think, process information, manage stress and perform are inextricably linked to the resilience of our brain and nervous system. Sometimes we are born with a more sensitive nervous system, other times it is impacted by cumulative stress, adverse experiences or a demanding lifestyle. 

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

The longer the periods you spend in a stress response the more the brain and nervous system can loose their ability to adapt flexibly and you can become stuck in suboptimal states. When this happens you may experience difficulties with energy, focus, mood, sleep, distorted thinking,  information processing and decision making, amongst many others.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback helps your brain find its way back to working efficiently, so that you can get back to feeling and performing at your best . It also feels wonderfully relaxing and pleasant to do.

Why NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback helps your brain find its way back to working efficiently. It harnesses your brain’s natural ability to improve its own performance and to self regulate. NeurOPtimal is unique in the field of neurofeedback, so it is completely safe for the whole family. It also feels wonderfully relaxing and pleasant to do.

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Stress & Anxiety Management

Emotional Regulation

“When I do neurofeedback it feels as if all the extra tabs that were open in my brain have been closed down. I didn’t even realise how much headspace they were taking up.” 

M.B. – Neurofeedback client

Why I introduced NeurOptimal into my practice.

Regulation of strong emotions and an overly switched-on stress response is one of the harder aspects of the psychotherapy process. Much of the stress/ anxiety response is driven by the autonomic nervous system and deeper brain structures that are hard to access through talking and thinking about them. In particular, gaining access to rational perspectives, concentration and information processing can be very hard or impossible when in the grips of a strong fear or stress response. Therapy proceeds much more smoothly then emotions are regulated and balanced.

When I first experienced NeurOptimal it was clear that it could be a very helpful tool in helping people shift their nervous system into parasympathetic activity. Helping people achieve this effortlessly with brain training is a true gift and can very quickly help people gain access to new ways of thinking and feeling as well as to gain mental clarity. For anyone who has lived in the grips of their emotions for a long time, NeurOptimal can provide a powerful way to experience calmer, focussed states and to gain a sense that they can live beyond the constant noise of a dysregulated stress response.

What people say about training with NeurOptimal

Have a listen below to hear how people describe their process with neurofeedback.

How NeurOptimal Works

NeurOptimal® training is non-linear neurofeedback.  meaning it is uniquely adapting to your brain’s moment to moment activity rather than a pre determined protocol. It prompts your brain to reassess its own activity and autocorrect the inefficiency of bad habits and stuck patterns within your brain’s activity as they show up in every training session.  The way your brain adapts to stress and lifestyle means it can remain stuck in inefficient habits that no longer serve you. NeurOptimal prompts a brain recalibration that helps you get back to your best.

During the 33 minute training your brain will be working hard to train itself towards peak performance levels and you don’t have to get consciously involved in the process. You can just sit back and switch off. Most people find the process deeply relaxing.

NeurOptimal is non invasive and completely safe, so it is great for adults and children.

I offer in person sessions from the office in Hove or you can rent a system to train in the comfort of your own home.

Read more in the FAQ section or my Blog Post ‘How Does NeurOptimal Work’.

NeurOptimal neurofeedback

‘Our job as therapists is to find out how can we help people to stop being frantic, stop being overwhelmed and to feel calm and in charge of themselves. Neurofeedback happens to be something that is very good at that.’

Bessel Van Der Kolk –  Psychiatrist and author of ‘The Body Keeps the Score’

NeurOptimal Explainer Video

Have a listen to Dave Asprey’s interview with Dr Val Brown,  co-creator of NeurOptimal, and see why he calls NeurOptimal the most effective biohack he’s experienced.

What NeurOptimal helps with










Energy and Drive


TBI/ concussion recovery


Assertiveness and confidence


Mental clarity


Burnout recovery


Peak Performance


Decision making


Stress Management


Anxiety Reduction


Sleep quality


Flow and creativity

How NeurOptimal Neurofeedback works