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Neurofeedback from the comfort of your own home

Setting up your NeurOptimal Training at Home in 5 Steps

Neuroptimal system

NeurOptimal training at home is very easy and the information here aims to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Before you start your NeurOptimal Training will need:

  1. Your own headphones (wired rather than bluetooth)
  2. A fast Wi-Fi internet connection. The NeurOptimal system needs to connect to the internet at least once every 7 days to keep up with system and software updates to keep your training experience smooth. We recommend you connect to wifi before you first use the system and then manually check for updates weekly.
  3. Wet wipes or tissues to clean the sensors of the conductive paste after every training session
  4. A relatively quiet environment
  5. Time to yourself. The training itself takes 33 minutes but the additional set up time and taking off the sensors will require up to 1 hour.

Step 1 – Track your changes


We recommend using the progress tracker checklist. This will help you make sense of and identify the changes you may experience along the way. NeurOptimal trains the whole of the brain, so the shifts that come with this are far reaching. If you are only looking for one particular change then you could miss many of the others that occur naturally along the way. 

The form is sent out to you along with your welcome email.

Step 2 – Set up your system

Unbox your NeurOptimal training system and set it up along with the video below. If you had your system sent to you then please keep the packaging for its return journey. The information in this video is intended to supplement the more detailed User Manual that you will be emailed in your welcome email.


Step 3 – Attach the sensors

Attach the sensors to your head by watching the following training video. The two yellow sensors will be placed on your scalp and the two blue ones are located at the top of the ears and one further black one goes the right ear lobe.  Many people worry about getting the placement correct but NeurOptimal uses C3 and C4 – ie: the midpoints on each side of the head between the top of the ear and the top of the head. If you get them close to those points, then there is no “wrong place”.

Step 4 – Start the NeurOptimal Training Session

Now the system is set up and you have the sensors in place, locate your name in the Vault and double click your name to start a session. Don’t forget that if you simply press play on the music bar then you will only be triggering music playback but no neurofeedback. If you’re all set up ok with the cables plugged in correctly and the sensors on your head, then you will hear the music AND the little skips or breaks in the music. These skips are the feedback to the brain. Don’t worry, they might not sound like much to you but your brain is paying attention to them undergoing a training process, figuring out what to do about them. NeurOptimal training is a training that your brain needs to make sense of millisecond to millisecond, so there is nothing that you consciously need to do with the feedback while you train.

During the session you will need to remain relatively still, so relaxing is ideal but it is also possible to read, watch TV with the volume down, work at a computer, study, draw etc. If you fall asleep while training, as many people do,  then the training works just fine because auditory processing does not shut down while we sleep. It is also better to avoid eating during a session because of the noise and interference caused by the muscular movement of the jaw. Having said this, if you are training children, then offering a snack may be the only viable way to help them stay the length of the training, in which case try softer foods such as yoghurt.

Step 5 – Close the system down

After your 33 minute training session the z-amp will shut down automatically and all you need to do is close down the software and tablet and wipe the conductive paste off the sensors with a wet wipe or tissue to prevent corrosion. Place the system back in its flight case for protection.

neuroptimal training
neuroptimal training image

Reviews from NeurOptimal Renters: 

I found the neurotherapy device which I rented for a month to be really helpful in a number of ways. Early morning anxiety which had been with me ever since I was young, shifted considerably. I no longer have that feeling of doom on waking up! This changed after only one session and has lasted giving me a much happier view of my day and removing non specific guilt which made me leap out of bed to do something, anything to get rid of the feeling.
I experienced in the early sessions quite a lot of irritation as I sat listening to the music but pushed through the discomfort. There seemed to be no precise reason for feeling this way. The last two weeks this lifted and I would say that a new behaviour has come about where triggering events are no longer as overwhelming as they used to be. I can deal with them better and have stopped catastrophising and procrastinating
How many years would have passed in psychotherapy for me to obtain these results?
This device is liberating and works fast.


Liza – rented in 2022 for one month to train her whole family and went on to purchase her own system.

BodyMindBrain provided an excellent NeurOptimal rental experience, including regular support and tips throughout for smooth and easy training. Over one month of sessions every other day, NeurOptimal has already greatly reduced symptoms of intense anxiety, insomnia, and difficulties with concentration. NeurOptimal is an incredible brain training tool and so effortless to use. It’s amazing because while the unconscious brain works hard on ‘self-regulating’, the user is free to rest and enjoy the session, or even sleep! Sessions are 33-minutes long and induce a wonderful feeling of calm and deep relaxation. Quality of sleep improved greatly after the first session, and we are noticing the positive effects of improved emotional resilience lasting longer in between sessions. It has been life changing for my whole family, so very happy! Thank you, BodyMindBrain.

Fern rented in 2021 for one month

I went to see Nicola as i have suffered with sleep problems (severe night sweats and mild insomnia), depression and anxiety my whole life. After 2 sessions i noticed that i felt calmer, more grounded and i was able to deal with stressful situations better. I was also getting the odd night sleep without sweats which was amazing and did wonders for my mental health. During my third session i decided to rent the Neurofeedback device for home use, which is more cost effective if used daily. So after a total of about 15 sessions i am sleeping better, in fact i can’t remember my last night sweat. My depression has improved, I’m getting less down days and when i do they’re not quite so bad and they don’t last as long. And as previously mentioned i have continued to feel calm and grounded and am able to deal with what life throws at me.
The session itself involves attaching a few sensors with conductive gel to your ears and head. You then sit back and enjoy some relaxing music for 30 mins.
The only thing i noticed was the ‘skipping’ sound the music makes which i think is the device mirroring back my brains behaviour but don’t quote me on that, I’m not good with the technical explanations.
It’s a must!

What Neurofeedback helps with:

In my clinical practice I have seen it help significantly with these problem areas: