Nervous System Aware Parenting

All babies develop nervous system to nervous system

Parenting is one of life’s big adventures and challenges. As every new parent knows, the very early days of your baby’s arrival is a heady mix of joy, sleep deprivation, uncertainty, anxiety and lots of trial and error. You nervous system is primed to react to the crying of your baby and it is instinctual to meet the baby’s needs for food and soothing but the constant needs of a newborn can come with a fair amount of stress for the parent.

Babies experience their world through basic emotions and physical sensations via their immature nervous system and recently developed body. Initially, babies cannot regulate their body or nervous system, so it is the state of the parents’ nervous system and how the parent channels soothing support towards the baby that it essential to the regulation of the child’s physical and neurological states. This is called co-regulation, the process of one person regulating the emotions and nervous system of another through the emotional connection that they have. “The brain is a social organ, co-constructed with others,” Gerard Costa, PhD..

This means that a parents’ ability to regulate their own nervous system is at the heart of a child’s development. Helping your nervous system obtain resilience in the period leading up to birth or after birth can make the early days of parenting and beyond a much smoother ride.

    I offer one to one or group session for parents to be and new parents and will help you:

    • Discover the power of neurofeedback to train your brain and nervous system to find calm and resilience. It’s completely safe for you and baby.
    • Learn techniques such as breathwork and somatic movement to regulate your nervous system consciously.
    • Master the art of self massage to help the nervous system and body let go out of tightness and stress responses.
    • Learn the latest science of the Polyvagal Nerve and how to recognise your bodily symptoms of stress and defence and how to down regulate yourself back to calm and coping.

    Individual help for expecting and new parents

    Expecting: the lead up to the birth of a child can be an exciting time and yet also taken up by ‘business as usual’ in the workplace and in the fast pace of daily life. Setting aside time for self care and priming your nervous system to be in the best regulated place before birth also means that baby’s environment in the womb and in the home will be a settled and welcoming place. Whether it’s neurofeedback, breathwork or therapy combination, you will receive a level of support that is unique in placing your body, mind d brain at centre stage.

    Post birth: The months after birth can be a rollercoaster for the nervous system, baby’s needs come first and the parents needs tend to take a significant back set. While we can’t change the demands of a rapidly developing baby, we can shift your nervous system with neurofeedback and give you take home techniques to help  cope more easily with the demands.

    Group help for parents to be and new parents

    Focusing on self care and nervous system regulation for groups of up to 6 parents to be or new parents. Give your little one the best of you because when you do, you are giving them the best start in the womb and beyond.

    I have designed a 10 week course teach self regulation through breathwork, self massage, nervous system aware movement and NeurOptimal neurofeedback  – all completely safe for baby and parent.