What I offer

Psychotherapy is at the heart of what I do and I aim to provide a comfortable, compassionate and confidential space so that you can feel safe to explore and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Making sense of life in this way can help you gain confidence in your perspective, improve self knowledge, feel better and support any changes you might want to make. 

I have trained in many therapy approaches such as Schema Therapy, CBT, Jungian and psychodynamic theory up to MSc. level and have worked as a  psychotherapist for over 15 years, so I bring a wealth of experience in helping you get the best result.

Many people come to me because they are feeling sabotaged by their body and nervous system. Nowadays research shows that chronic stressors or traumas, at any stage of life, can sensitise our brain and nervous system to be much threat sensitive and self protective. The fight/flight/freeze mechanism, which is our survival instinct, becomes too switched on and overly reactive, leading to many physical and emotional symptoms.  When we are overtaken with emotions like anxiety, panic, dissociation and depression, the verbal areas of the brain go offline, which means that we need non-verbal, body based  approaches like Brainspotting to calm and balance the nervous system. 

I offer effective, body and nervous system based approaches to help calm your nervous system and bring back its efficiency and resilience.

Breathwork is a powerful tool for calming and balancing the nervous system as well as bringing about focus and energy. It has direct influences on the brain and limbic system (the emotional and memory centre of the brain) and is proven to help regulate and tone down the stress response. The Vagus Nerve, the seat of our Parasympathetic Nervous System, runs throughout the airways and lungs and and is directly influenced by how we breathe and, vice versa, breathing influences the activity of the nervous system.

There is a very clear relationship between breathing and mood and it goes both ways. Mood affects breathing and breathing affects mood states and their and physical processes. Equally clear is how fast and effectively this two way communication works.

The brain is involved in every process in the body and mind, so it’s optimal performance is integral to our adaptability and wellbeing. NeurOptimal® EEG Neurofeedback is an advanced technology which trains your brain to harness its self-regulatory capacity. Give the brain the right information and it will autocorrect its inefficient activity and return to homeostatic efficiency, enabling your response to situations to be balanced and effective. This approach is non-invasive and completely safe.

Benefits include: quieting of the mind, calm, feeling present and grounded,  improved mental clarity, focus, sustained energy,  emotional regulation and stability, improved cognitive performance, decision making and improved sleep amongst many others. 

What I work with


Peak Performance


Breathing efficiency


Nervous system balance


Focus and Concentration


Unconscious processing


TBI/ concussion recovery